This is a mind conversation blowing with intuition expert and modern day priestess Dr. Ricci – Jane Adams.

Ricci-Jane is a profound spiritual teacher, founder of the Light Worker Institute teaching women to live meaningful lives and her wisdom, guidance and truth shine as bright as a diamond in this episode.

Ricci-Jane vulnerably talks about how being a mother activated her creativity and how the birth of her son sent her into the dark knight of her soul which left her medicated but also led her to find her souls’ purpose when she realised she was here as a spiritual being to awaken others.

We talk about embracing your darkness and turning your shadow into your light, how to harness your intuition which is the language of your soul and be totally fearless and live your life from a place of infinite love.

Learn about invisible guides, trusting in the oneness of the universe and infinite consciousness.

This is such a raw chat about the reality of blending motherhood, business and spirituality and we chat about how EFT (tapping) has been a game changer for us both to manage the emotional journey of motherhood.

I love this quote  –  “All is one.”

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Tapping with Ricci-Jane 

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