Corporate Wellness

Bespoke Mental Health Corporate Wellness programs are available online, and in person. Become skillful at understanding how your staff can manage their energy, not their time. Learn how they can enhance their emotional intelligence and communication skills, cultivate resilience, implement essential self-care tools and mindfulness techniques, so they can build connected and productive teams.

Best Selling Author

Mother Om- Connect with yourself and your child in one mindful moment a day  is an award winning book that provides the tools to manage the emotional journey of motherhood (2014).  Awakening – Meet the Women Birthing A New Earth is a co-authored book (2020) that is a No. 1 best seller in the UK, USA and AUS. Available to purchase on Amazon. Purchase a signed copy of Mother Om here 

WILD Wellness Journey

In this transformational 6 week online journey you will learn how to return to wholeness and wellness. You will learn to prioritise your wellbeing, activate your heart’s intelligence, step into your intuitive leadership power and find your soul care strategies so you can manifest a life filled with passion and purpose. Book a free soul shake up session if you have seen one of my masterclasses here

WILD Wellness Journey

In this 6 week transformation program you will learn the WILD way to return to wholeness and wellness. Wellbeing, Intuition, Leadership, Devotion. Book a free soul shake up if you have watched one of my free masterclasses. 

Mother Om

The international award winning best selling book. 

Being a mother is a journey filled with blissful moments but also times of intense frustration. We are plugged in, overstimulated and we struggle to relax.  For us to have content children we must find a way to connect with ourselves, our children and the world around us.

Corporate Wellbeing

Leonie is a Corporate wellness facilitator and teaches wellbeing sessions including emotional intelligence, stress and time management. How to deal with change and build resilience by using mindfulness and self care strategies. Contact Leonie to book a presentation or workshop.


I was so honoured to be featured as one of 30 inspiring coaches, and feminine leaders coming together to share their medicine about how they are contributing to the AWAKENING of the new Earth which hit global best seller categories in Aus, UK and USA. Leonie’s chapter is titled “Heartfulness”.

Free Masterclasses

Learn how to manifest (make real) your intentions and goals into your reality.

Watch my free masterclasses on my YouTube channel.

Step into the role of Intuitive Leadership and make yourself your number 1 priority so you become a magnet for opportunities, joyful connection with others and embody a feeling of deep inner peace.

Client Love

“I loved every week of the Wild Wellness Journey. I found each session gave me profound insights and techniques that helped me work through fear, trust my intuition, understand my own personal power and how I can create the life I want.  I love that I have been able to integrate these into my day-to-day life and continue to use them even after the course – it has had a huge impact and opened so many possibilities!

Leonie holds such a beautiful, inspiring and authentic space for both her 1-to-1 and the group sessions – I always felt completely at ease and supported.”

 Katie Stuart – Marketing Manager  

“When I came across Leonie’s program, I was looking for a way to increase my intuition and have a stronger connection with myself. I knew I had more potential and could live in a bigger way but I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it. I discovered that increasing my intuition wasn’t about some magic technique I was missing, but instead was a way of life. Through Leonie’s wisdom and guidance, I learned the tools I needed to begin being courageous and boldly stepping into my own power. Leonie’s magnificent energy and support gave me the tools I needed to reconnect to the REAL me, and release the fear that had been quietly controlling my life for so long. If you are on the fence about working with Leonie, I suggest you go for it! She knows how to hold the space for your growth and has the tools to get you there. She has been one of the most transformational forces in my life and I use the wisdom I gained from her on a daily basis. The value of spending time in Leonie’s presence is more than you can put a price tag on. You won’t regret it!

Kelly Clark – Coach

“I found Leonie by discovering her book Mother Om. It is filled with empathy, compassion and loving guidance which helped me get my head around coming into my new role as a Mother of two.

I felt a calling to work with her. There was a big part of my life that felt unfilled. Leonie’s business mentoring program helped me tap into my true, authentic self to uncover my dreams and passions and bring them into reality in the form of a business (this has led to more than I ever would have imagined).

Recently, Leonie’s intuitive guidance sessions have seen me put aside what does not serve me in this life and step fully into my true self. It was like connecting directly with my soul. All of these experiences were filled with Leonie’s sincere love and heartfelt guidance. And at the center of each of these experiences is putting fear and subconscious blocks to the side and opening up to love. The effects of this were not instant, but have been long-lasting and life-changing.

Thank you Leonie for all you have done for me! You have guided me on my journey and everything is exactly how it should be.”
– Becky Gilesphie – Vocal Coach 

“Leonie is such a beautiful soul to work with. During the session with her, I felt so safe and supported whilst after I felt so much at peace. The transformations to follow were incredible. At first, I didn’t realise what had changed but before I knew it I was doing things in areas of my life that I had previously felt so stuck and lost in. So much fear has shifted and I’m opening up to a whole new world. Leonie has helped me to connect to those hidden parts of myself and find clarity from the inside out. Thank you so much Leonie for guiding me back to my heart”. 

Amanda Piper

I am so glad I found Leonie’s wellness program. After years of work burn out and young mother stress, I was in a permanent state of numbness, just existing day to day and unable to feel any joy or passion. Taking part in Heartfulness training was my first step back into my journey to myself. I experienced the first cracking open of my heart and learnt amazing skills and techniques to tap back into my heart space. I highly recommend this course to realign with yourself and your higher self and reconnect back to the powerful feelings of love from your heart”

-Holly Hammond 

“I feel like a new person after taking Leonie’s program – truly. I have more peace, more inner strength and more connection to who I am – which is actually a connection to everything. I look at my kids and those around me differently now. There are of course times when life still gets hard and fear rises up – but I have practical tools to use and newfound knowledge about how the universe works, and this alone is very powerful and grounding. It is true – putting this wisdom into practice will bring you a very fulfilling life with meaning, peace and abundance. There is no turning back! This is the path to awakening and self-realisation”

Becky Gilesphie

This space is for any woman waiting and willing to express and experience her unlimited self. Leonie is a powerful and integral space holder, a leader in intuition and mindfulness practice. I am in awe of her genuine heartfelt intention to serve and support her tribe to flourish and thrive in abundance, integrity, beauty, and strength”

Tamala Ridge – Space Holders Santuary.”

Leonie was a speaker at our INSPIRE Conference. She was absolutely amazing and gave the delegates some very useful techniques on mindfulness, spoke about the importance of breath, self-talk and gratitude. The delegates really enjoyed the chocolate meditation and left her session feeling relaxed and reinvigorated. Thanks so much Leonie, you truly are an inspiration.”

CELA events team 

“The team thoroughly enjoyed the session. It came at just the right time providing some very useful tools and ideas to consider for their wellbeing journey. Leonie was uplifting, inspiring and an energetic facilitator . She was quickly able to navigate any issues raised and ensured our staff were in a safe space to practice some of the wellbeing tools”

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Your guide to being a more content, calm and compassionate Mother.  

I drove for 6 hours this weekend to celebrate my sisters birthday! Theme ICONS. It was so much fun and I danced for 5 hours with Forest Gump, Cleopatra, Madonna, Cindy, Ted Lasso, Marilyn, Blondie, Lara Croft and many more. Epic costumes. Amazing tunes. Feeling the Wonder Woman vibes and I start my post grad 👩‍🎓 tomorrow! Who would you dress up as? I loved dancing with you @fiona_in_sunshine @katrollings_photography @lakota_knots #wonderwoman #prettywoman ... See MoreSee Less
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What a week! I have been rising up through the waves feeling a whole spectrum of emotions. I have been dancing between love and fear. Light and dark. Thoughts of unworthiness have played like a record player in my mind …. Am I good enough? #academicwriting Am I clever enough? #postgraduatestudies Do I have the capacity? #neurodiversekids Will my brain work? #perimenopause After completing 5 masterclasses in academic integrity, academic writing, planning my study and being so impressed with all the support @unisc.australia I am so excited 😆 I start my post grab in mental health and neuroscience on Monday!! I love this quote shared by @riccijaneadams I am also dressing up as Wonder Woman this weekend to fully embody her energy! Have a wonderful weekend 😻 ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Leonie Laukkanen - Intuitive Mentor
I am having a hot date with myself. I scored a front row ticket to see P!NK and I am so excited!! My eldest baby is 15 today and I am celebrating. FUN is on my manifesting board this year and Feb is full of dress up parties and unforgettable experiences. When was the last time you took yourself out for a date? It’s such a nourishing experience as you get to speak to people. I have already met a brave woman who has been going through cancer for 12 months and is so grateful to be here. A 60 year old couple who will be dancing in the mosh pit (with me) are there are some cute matching mother and daughter duos. What’s your fave P!NK anthem?@pink #celebratelife ... See MoreSee Less
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Leonie Laukkanen - Intuitive Mentor
Leonie Laukkanen - Intuitive Mentor ... See MoreSee Less
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Happy Valentines Day lovers. These two were Married at First Sight. May we all love each other unconditionally and create a world filled with acceptance and tolerance. #emotionalsupportanimal #dogandcatlove ... See MoreSee Less
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I watched a documentary series on Cleopatra and was in awe of her fierce power. I loved embodying her at a fabulous dress up 40th. Theme big bold and gold celebrating my beautiful sister in law. We had so much fun letting our ( beaded) 😹 hair down and we totally owned the dance floor at Casa Luna! #parentsgonewild #dressup #cleopatra ... See MoreSee Less
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