Clare’s story is so courageous as she shares her journey with having post natal depression three times with her daughters which she describes as a spiritual experience. Every 4th episode is with a mama I have mentored in motherhood and business.

We chat about how motherhood dims your light especially when you are healing from a traumatic birth and the reality of coping as a mum with post natal depression.

Clare is the founder of Zim Zum Motherhood and shares how she created this beautiful program for mums and how she learnt how to use mindfulness to blend motherhood and business and the power of focussing on launching one project into the world.

We chat about how to let go of perfectionism, be mindful of your energy, and outsourcing what you need to and finding more joy.

Fall in love with the way Clare’s husband supports and hear her beautiful daily rituals of calling on her spirit guides and practicing gratitude to stay in flow.

I love this quote  –  “ I can do anything but not everything ”

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