I was honoured to be asked to be a contributor for a book titled “Awakening – Meet the Women birthing a New Earth” alongside 30 other powerful women who are changing the world. At the time I had my 3 kids at home in lockdown during the pandemic and I had no time or space to write. When my kids went back to school I had a week to write and edit it before the deadline.

The words fell out effortlessly. Awakening was launched in July 2020 and went to No. I in several categories and hit no. 1 best seller status in Australia, the Uk, and the USA.

Here are the opening words of my chapter –

Overcoming fear and returning to wholeness.

In moments of intense darkness, we can see elements of our soul that lead us to discover our truth. So many of us live in our darkness and we use our fear like a heavy curtain. We shut out our light. In a room full of darkness, we can always see the light, shining through the cracks. If we embrace our light, our light grows and the darkness fades. We all have a light inside us. I am not afraid of my darkness anymore. Honestly, there have been times when I have been more afraid of my light. It shines like a diamond and it is overwhelmingly beautiful. Our darkness makes us appreciate our light, and our light gives us gratitude for our darkness. It shows us our true potential is limitless.

Those words are from the final reflection of my book “Mother Om – Connect with yourself and your child in one mindful moment a day”. I birthed her into the world 6 years ago today, on Mother’s Day. I wrote my book when I was a single mum to my eldest during a heartbreaking divorce as I transitioned into a new life. I left the corporate world working in advertising sales and became an entrepreneur, teaching yoga and mindfulness to kids, and then their mothers and families.

The breakdown before the breakthrough. My awakening from mother to mystic.

8 years on, I am re-married and now have 3 beautiful children Lael (11) Luna (5) and Phoenix (2). I have a multi-award-winning business, a global podcast, am a professional speaker and a luminous teacher. For the past 10 years, I have been teaching yogic principles, mindfulness, intuition and the art of living life using the divine guidance from our heart’s intelligence. I teach spiritually awake women how to consciously co-create their life with the universe. This is my intention for our time together, to share with you this ancient knowledge, the laws of the Universe. Written in secret for wise sages however, this is now available for everyone to embody. I guide women to overcome fear and return to wholeness.

Life is full of transition and unexpected changes.

I had committed to a year-long program to train as an Intuitive Guide with the Institute of Intuitive Intelligence. I got married and Phoenix was our beautiful surprise wedding gift. This time was challenging as I was once again engulfed in darkness with postnatal depletion from intense sleep deprivation. This time, instead of being consumed by my shadows, I called in my support network of mentors and teachers. I deepened my spiritual practices, and I transformed my fear into faith, re-emerging as an intuitive Mentor.

And then the world as we had known it, ended.

A deadly virus came to lock us down. One that feeds on our deepest fears. Threatening our existence. Unimaginable grief for those directly affected. We retract. The media frenzy grips us in a panic. And then the earth starts healing right before our eyes. A voice inside us whispers, this is what we have been asking for, the end of the old paradigm. And even though it will be our political leaders that will make decisions for our future generations which leave us feeling powerless due to hidden agendas, we start to question our existence, our purpose for our time here on earth.

This pandemic threw us from our comfort zone bringing intense challenges and chaos. We rapidly go from denial to anger to acceptance as we witness an unfolding. A new way of living, an awakening. An invitation for us to birth a new paradigm. United as one. A world that holds deep-rooted principles woven together that promote connection, compassion, community, and commitment. We witness random acts of kindness, we connect with old friends online, we care for the vulnerable. We take back our power. The transition begins. For our earth to shift into a new era, we must all be in this together.

I wrote about these values in Mother Om. I continue to stand by these powerful words that ignite our inner knowing and I have added one more – contribution. Radical acceptance and responsibility. For our earth. For ourselves. For our loved ones.

There has never been a better time to embrace change. The emergence of the Kybalion, sharing the Universal Laws, is a sign of these times.

Now, we can begin to govern these laws. To consciously co-create our lives with the Universe. Connecting to our intuition and our heart’s intelligence. There is without question a higher power, an unseen truth that has created these unprecedented times. Instead of retracting into fear and uncertainly, let us create a partnership and collaborate with the Cosmos. Changing our limited perception of living in our physical reality and “wake up” by cultivating a life-long relationship with Universal Consciousness. Intuition is the bridge between worlds. Heaven and earth. Our God nature, our true state.

We start taking ownership of our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

You can download the book on Kindle for $1 and all the proceeds go to the Ancient Song Doula Services. Purchase here

I was interviewed by Adriana my publisher which you can watch here

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