This is a live call with me “mentoring” life coach author and teacher Patti Glasgow. Every 4th episode I will be mentoring a mama from my tribe.

Patti shares her business journey so far. Patti took some time to reflect after having her 4th child. Having worked with work life professionals (mainly teachers) Patti felt she had contributed all she could give in that space, having done workshops, published a book Teach Love Life, which she turned into an online course, she found that she was feeling called to help women find their confidence.

Patti is at a cross roads as she wants to change markets and is looking for ways to target her new clients and how to do this effectively with the time that she has.

Patti is struggling to target her market in a way that speaks to them. We chat about how her clients are feeling and what it would look like to take them on a journey and how she can teach them the tools they need to self coach.

We discuss the importance of doing market research to fully understand your clients wants and needs. Patti feels she needs to find out what the problems her clients are experiencing because it is not an obvious problem (like weight loss) so she can create a coaching program for them.

We dive into the issues Patti experiences running a business with 4 kids. The pressure and time constraints.

This chat is packed full of value and ideas that can help you and your business when it comes to understanding your clients needs. We also chat about partnerships and collaboration, bringing in experts and how to roll out content to get the best result.

There is so much vulnerability and truth in this conversation as we chat about living in flow and being in surrender and I really want to thank Patti for her courage to share her journey with me.

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