Today is a live mentoring session where I have the pleasure to guide Nicole who is founder of Birth Into Being and she helps people deal with their birth trauma and helps conscious couples have a beautiful birthing experience.

We chat about how to discover your niche by focusing on who you can help the most and who you feel most aligned with. Nicole shares how she has struggled to niche as she loves to work with pre-conception couples and conscious couples who are birthing their first or second child.

We chat about why we niche so you can become as expert in that field and I suggest doing a customer journey mind map for her ideal clients. Ask your clients a fill out a questionnaire to find out what problems they have so you can craft a program to deliver them a solution that gives them the best outcome.

For Nicole’s work, that is a beautiful baby.

We talk about the difference of facilitating workshops in real life to running online courses and why niching is even more important when the course is online.

I ask Nicole her WHY which is utterly divine as it is to birth these beautiful star children into the world to re-align the planet. I encourage her to connect her WHY to her niche as this is where her work is so powerful. To prevent the trauma before it happens. It is a breakthrough for Nicole to connect the dots.

I recommend Nicole creates one program for pre-conception and a second program for conscious birthing. We chat about the power of partnerships to leverage your message.

I am so grateful for Nicole for sharing her business and being open to receive my teachings.


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