This is a truly enlightened chat with Dr. Nathalie Martinek who is a healer and scientist and has helped me and many other women to stay in flow, and have a peaceful and joyful life.

We chat about how to find more joy, why it is essential to be kind to yourself and check in with how you are feeling and why the chaos outside of us is a reflection of the chaos on the inside.

Nat shares her journey with us as a truth seeker and her gifts of knowing what is happening for her clients in that moment.

Nat’s energy is so calming and you will feel such a difference after being in her presence and she shares tips and tools to stay connected with the universe including a beautiful mantra.

The oneness of the feminine “Om Namo Narayani”

We chat about our dreams and visions and that are all have struggle and blocks in our lives. It is how we deal with these that helps us to overcome our fears so we can live our best life.

And … why you need to be satisfied with where you are at in your life.

This spotlight series showcases the gifts and talents of the incredible women in Magnetic Mama Entrepreneur group.

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