Nadine openly shares her journey with severe anxiety and depression in her twenties. Nadine shares why yoga was her way home leading her to find her purpose in life to share these transformational teachings with the world.

We chat about the power and magic of having a beautiful birth however that unfolds and the incredible success of her She Births program that has recently been published in the British Medical Journal.

We discuss the bonding experience of birth to deepen your connection with your partner and the affects of starting parenthood together in an oxytocin bubble which bonds a family together.

We chat about how to magnetise success and be in flow with the universe, why you need to reflect and pause on this and what you need to do to get back into that space.

Why allowing nature to support you is essential and when you are in alignment you are magnetic and the universe flows with you.

Discover why you need to lean into resistance and drop the fear of your limited mindset and why you need to leave your comfort zone to live life in the magic zone and be in synch and listen to all the messages around you.

Find opportunities for love, connection, and gratitude in life and why we all need to do less not more and be here now.

We chat about nutrition and mindful choices to nourish your body and we have a good laugh about coffee enema’s if you are brave enough to have one.

Hear Nadine’s daily tips to staying connected and being in flow. I know you will adore this conversation it is full of gems of gold to help you in motherhood business and life.

My favourite quote “If the universe is not supporting you then you are not thinking big enough”

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