This is the final episode of series 2 ends with a magnificent conversation with author Lizzy Williamson. Lizzy helps mamas feel good, keep their sanity, get back their vitality and she motivates you to get moving. Founder of 2 minute moves Lizzy is famous for her 2 minute wine bottle workout. Since this chat Lizzy’s book 2 Minute Moves has launched and I am so excited to be attending her national book tour launch in Brisbane next week.

Why does moving feel so hard? It is because we do not value ourselves?

Lizzy shares her story of feeling so ashamed of how she was feeling when she was depressed. She felt like a failure. She shares how she wanted to end her life. Her vulnerability and truth is so inspiring as all of us. We have all felt these intense emotions as a mother. When Lizzy finally saw her doctor she said to her “You falling apart means your family falls apart and you need to put your oxygen mask on first”

So Lizzy started to move her body as her background is dancing. And, she felt like she had achieved something and she started to feel better. She took baby steps. 2 minutes at a time.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step”

We chat about writing our stories and publishing our books. Lizzy shares how she got her publishing deal with Affirm Press and how she wrote her book. Getting up at 5am every morning for a year, she would record chapters into her phone.

Lizzy shares how she pitched to the publisher and they said YES.

Since this chat I am so happy to share my dear dad who has been writing published his first book “We are more than our brains“. He has been writing this for 10 years.

We chat about how our kids see us as authors and how they have seen how this process has made us resilience and the power of completing a project like this.

It is the best personal development exercise you can do.

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