Linda chats about the inner dialogue of motherhood and how your identity changes as a mother. Motherhood can feel so overwhelming at times and there seems to be a huge hole in how mama’s feel as a woman after becoming a mother.

We chat about self-care, how to depend your relationships, how to manage your time juggling kids and business, how to feel more calm in your day and how to have more fun.

Learn why support is so essential and how to manage your own expectations of what you have of your business when you have such limited time. How to be clear on your intentions stay focused and not get too too distracted.

Be inspired by Linda’s journey who is living her dream life on an island in NZ with her family.

We chat about creating the space to dream and taking the time to allow your dreams into manifest into reality.

Linda is a beautiful mama and I know you will love listening to our conversation. It gave me goosebumps. It is full of loving advice, wisdom and her divine wedding vows.

My favourite quote “I will travel the world climb the mountains, walks the beaches with you by my side forever.

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