This is the last of the guest series for 2016. What a stellar line up of divine mama’s, just amazing reviews are coming though and we end with the fabulous Dr. Leandra Brady Walker, author to two books, A modern girls guide to being healthy and fabulous – Live like a cosmopolitan hippie and her beautiful cook book Eat like a Cosmopolitan Hippie.

Leandra shares her food story of being wheat, dairy and sugar free and how she started her first business to open her chiropractic clinic with her husband, to becoming an author and coach for women and her new podcast, Difficult Conversations –  “The F Words” launching December 16th 2016.

We chat about surrendering into your femininity and the power of your vagina and that we need to overcome any shame we feel surrounding this.

We chat about re-connecting back to ourselves and honouring who we are and Leandra shares her journey of self-love and gratitude and how she has stopped expecting so much of herself and how to find joy in the moment, especially with your kids.

We share why we don’t watch TV so we can live in abundance and not in a world of fear. Leandra shares her tips to live on flow and how she lives her life in blocks of time to manage overwhelm and how taking baby steps gets you to achieve your big goals.

Leandra gives amazing advice on what to feed her kids and that you can give them jelly for breakfast. Yum.

I love this quote  –  “My business is a marathon and it’s who I am”

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