I have always been guided by my intuition. I have what I call “lightbulb” moments which are full body sensations of a “YES” response, a deep knowing within my soul that this is the right choice.

This has guided me to make some truly life changing decisions. Leaving my first marriage after trying to fix it for 18 months, buying my first business for $26K without the funds, investing another $10k into a business course when I was a single mum, trusting the money would come and all would flow. This resulted in me finding my true soul mate and writing my award winning book Mother Om, that came to me in a meditation, given to me in divine guidance.

I have often pondered on these moments. How was my soul communicating with me? How was I receiving this knowing?

There are 3 different types of intuition. This is an example of my neighbour who is a doctor who works with unwell babies. She knows just by looking at a baby what may be the diagnosis. It’s based on her years of explicit knowledge and experience. There is also the energetic sensitivity feeling of knowing something is wrong. She always asked the parents to tell her if they feel something isn’t right. Their intuition is usually right and this can influence the decisions of using medical intervention.

I have come to realise that my experience of divine guidance from my soul is called non-local intuition. It is a combination the first 2 types of local intuition mixed with the power of non-local intuition. This cannot be explained using past knowledge. This is outside what we inhabit in the physical plane. This is interconnectedness to everything in the universe. Consciousness is non-local. It is not separate, but connected. Our consciousness is a collection of beliefs and most are unconscious. When a human has a spiritual awakening, they are raising consciousness and turning darkness into light, their beliefs go from the subconscious to the conscious mind.

We see non-local intuition play out in our interpersonal relationships. We think of someone we have not connected with for a while, and they call us. We know when a relationship may have broken by feeling this before it happens. Last week I played phone tag with a friend and then we bumped into each other in the supermarket. I feel this happens to me constantly. I know these are not coincidences, they are cosmic connections.

Whilst researching on this topic I have been told many stories of how non-local intuition affects us if we are open to receive it, and the devastating effects it may have it we choose to ignore it. Stories of leaving a toxic life style, a home and our relationships to find a life beyond our wildest dreams. Making decisions to fly across the world to say goodbye to a family member despite being told they were recovering. Staying in abusive relationships despite being told very clearly to leave.

Guidance can also come to us from an intuitive healer. These are awakened beings who act as a vessel to connect with Infinite consciousness. They join your mind with the mind and God and can reveal things to you that can help you on your path. Problems can be solved by going into a high vibration of consciousness.

A powerful way to access non-local intuition is to connect with your soul every day. Tune in, ask for guidance, use the profound practice of heart coherence to elevate your vibration to connect from the 3D reality we live into the 5D reality of Infinite consciousness. Our heart is the communication field that connects us. it is the bridge between our local and non-local selves.

Intuition is an act of love. Our intuitive centre is our heart. We remove the blocks to love and behind that resides our internal state of being.

We are one. Energy first, physical second.

This was an assignment for the Third Level 12 month mentorship to become an intuitive guide and mystic maven with Ricci-Jane Adams founder of The Institute of Intuitive Intelligence. 


Heart Coherence https://www.heartmath.org