I chatted with Priscilla while I was lying in my hammock. I intuitively knew it would be a beautiful chat about the surrender, the ebb and flow, the nothingness, and the expansiveness of stepping into our divine feminine energy.

Priscilla is a mama to 4 boys and is the founder of Create your Divine Sacred Union and is passionate about supporting mama’s in business to find a deep spiritual connection with their partners. Her love story with her life partner Pat is so beautiful.

We chat about how your relationship changes after having kids and that as mamas we need to step away from being so masculine and embrace our feminine so our partners can step into their masculine to support us. The benefits for our kids when they see the balance between these energies  is incredible.

We discuss breaking the good girl rules and the power of being in the feminine and what happens when we totally surrender, that is when the magic happens when we are fully aligned with our partners.

Priscilla shares how she lives her life from her vision and not in her current reality. The power to trust that all is unfolding as it is meant to.

And … she shares her how she got an orgasm from the universe.

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Patrick and Priscilla 

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