Every 4th episode is with a client that I have mentored guiding them to create and birth a beautiful business offering with the world.

Becky came to me a few months ago with an idea of a creating a food blog. Becky was a master chef semi-finalist 9 years ago in the UK and wanted to bring her passion of food and family together to launch a family food blog.

We chat about how together we created and birthed her blog Eat What We Eat which offers recipes and ideas for meals that both kids and adults can enjoy. Becky shares her story and her experience of being on Master Chef and how her talent and passion for food got her to the finals.

Hear her philosophy of teaching kids to eat good food by saying calm and keep offering your kids adult foods.

We chat about how life gets in the way of your dreams especially when you have kids and why it is so important for you to share your gifts with the world and shine your light which brings you so much joy.

Becky shares how she manages having her business with a baby and toddler, and how mantra has helped her stay in flow. I love how she playfully teaches her monkey mind to calm down.

We chat about how we built the foundation of her business, found her niche, crafted her story, built a beautiful authentic brand and the incredible success of her blog being selected for Becky to be a paid food contributor for Everten cook ware.

Becky is such a talented chef, singer, beautiful mama, and her energy passion and drive shines though. I know you will love this conversation.

I love the mantra Becky uses – “Breathe in strength, breath out negativity”

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