Mindfulness is the most powerful way to harness a successful business and fulfilling life.

Managing a business combined with a family is overwhelming and can leave you gasping for air. 48% of the time you are on auto pilot. You are physically there but not mentally there. Lost in your own story. You are missing out on your life.


Mindfulness allows you to cultivate more joy and presence so whatever you are doing in that moment has your full attention. When you work, you work. You are not doing chores. When you sleep, you sleep. You are not working. Juggling the many hats you wear is necessary in our chaotic world, but when we live mindlessly, it leaves us feeling like a failure. Mindfulness creates connection and gives us meaning in the mundane.

Being able to focus on ‘one thing’ when your to do list is monumental is the power of presence and productivity. Outsourcing, seeking support, understanding your zone of genius and delegating is all part of being mindful with your time. Time is the biggest hurdle when running a business with a family. Muddled with guilt. A winning combination for procrastination and self-limiting beliefs that dampen your positive mindset.


Set your daily tasks and prioritise the top three things to do that day. Limit the number of tabs you have open on your laptop and turn off your phone or notifications when planning or creating content. Limit distractions. Focus on the task at hand. Be present. Be mindful with your time. Learn to say no if the opportunity is not mutually beneficial.


Whether you resonate with being a spiritual entrepreneur or you don’t think you have a ‘wow woo bone’ in your body we are all connected on this roller coaster ride of having a human experience. We can harness this power in business. Business is all about connection and relationships. People buy from people. Selling is a cellular experience. People buy from you when they feel a connection with you, and that you can solve a problem they have.


Focus goes where your energy flows. Being mindful allows you to magnetise your success and work in harmony with universal consciousness. Being able to attract opportunity by simply asking to receive it, allowing it to happen without doubt or fear blocking it, and then being open to receive it, is utterly life changing for your business and life.

Manifesting your reality comes from your vibration, and your thoughts are sparks of energy that create your world. Creating partnerships, attracting clients, building a tribe with an authentic brand that is a reflection of you, is all part of being a mindful maven.

Do a vision board to attract the opportunities to come to you. Think big. Dream. Be specific. You get what you ask for. Be limitless. Like your infinite mind. Share your message every day on different mediums and platforms where your ideal clients hang out (videos, podcasts, blogs, social media) so you ‘pop’ into people’s minds when they need you.


I run monthly accountability calls with my clients. They are all mums who are creating businesses that help and heal other mums and their families. I bring in expert mentors based on the themes they need guidance with. Being held accountable and being able to share fears and triumphs in a supportive space with no judgement is an empowering tool for growth. This promotes deep human connection and business collaborations. You are not meant to walk this path alone.

Being spiritual in business means being mindful of your daily choices. Each day you have a choice. Choose love over fear. Choose to shine your light not compare yourself to others. It means you listen to your body and sleep when you need, not to keep striving for your desired goal, only to reach it and still feel empty inside.

You are present. You are awake. You are in the flow and attract abundance and opportunity because your clients can feel your energy. It allows you to cultivate empathy, understand your customer, their needs, wants and desires.

It enables you to share your brand story with vulnerability and connect deeply with your market. It shows your courage. As humans, we connect through struggle. You need the darkness to see the light.

This article first appeared on SmallVille