Anna shares her story of how Mama Creatives has grown organically from a group of friends to a community of over 1000 members. We discuss how to integrate creativity around your family and reconnect with your creativity after you become a mother. Being creative is innate and we are all born creative.

We talk about Anna’s work as an art therapist and how to use art as a way to help your children express their emotions. Learn how kids draw and the difference between colouring in to reduce stress and art therapy. How to do mandalas with your kids and use art as a therapeutic tool and why kids need to feel heard and acknowledged when they are feeling upset.

Anna is a real connector and is so passionate about her work and she uses her magnetic power to drive her business and truly live her purpose in life. We chat about how to cultivate relationships in business and take action, be prepared and how to make plans to achieve your big vision to attract the right people into your life.

Learn why taking time to be still, be in nature, and just stop when you are feeling overwhelmed to key to being productive and successful.

Anna is an absolute powerhouse and I know you will love listening to our chat, it is filled with practical advice and includes a wonderful list of books to read for inspiration.

I love this quote – “Creativity is at the core of everything you do”

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Recommended Reads

Thrive – Adriana Huffington

The Little Book of Anxiety. Confessions of a worried life – Kerri Sackville

How to be an Artist, Without Losing your Mind, Your Shirt, or Your Creative Compass – JoAnneh Nagler

TED Talks – Chris Anderson

Womankind magazine

Lisa Messenger Collective Hub

Analysing Children’s Art – Rhoda Kellogg

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