Anna is a holistic plant based health coach and host of the Big Impact podcast.

Even 4th episode I chat with one of my beautiful mama’s I have mentored.

Anna is passionate about helping families take baby steps to make change and we chat about how to get kids to eat more vegetables and that our kids love kombucha!

We chat about mindful eating and how to have conversations with your kids about healthy eating and including your kids by doing weekly meal plans.

We chat about the power of niching and how to make the most of your time when running a biz with kids. Anna shares how practicing mindfulness has been so valuable for her to find more joy in moments when hanging out the washing or making a cup of tea, and the power of separating your tasks from  being a mindful chief to a mindful mama.

Anna shares her daily tips to stay in flow and how journaling has been a powerful game changer for her to find clarity and process her feelings. We discuss that when we feel resistance, that’s where we should go, to find the magic in life.

I love this quote  –  “ meditation is a huge part of my day”

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